Always enchanted with sparkle of sugar, I had a goal to own a business that would help celebrate life’sIMG_3797 special moments. Sweet Julian is that dream which has since flourished into a busy kitchen.

susan 2Cake is so much than just a dessert. Each and every cake is hand crafted with much love and patience. Everything is made using fresh, local ingredients from Lancaster, whenever possible, such as local eggs, milk, and real butter. Cornerstone in my business is the belief that the inside of the cake needs to taste as amazing as the outside needs to look.

I am often asked how long did it take me to make a cake creation? I always chuckle that…when I am in the kitchen I lose complete track of time. Hours will pass and I am caught up in not only the big picture of the design, but also lost in the tiny little details of making it be the “perfect” cake for the occasion.

Thank you for visiting Sweet Julian.

– Susan Julian Aldinger